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More packages are available including 6 months (2 to 5 connections), 1 year (2 to 5 connections) and NO ADULT option as well. Please contact us if you'd like to purchase 6 months, 1 years and any other package without adult.

If you want to use a Mag device AND a second device such as an android box, firestick, etc.... when choosing your device at checkout please DO NOT choose mag device. Choose either android or firestick, then after you've purchased the service please email support at and notify us that you have a mag device but also want to use a second device. Please give us your mac address in the email as well so we can register your mag device. Choosing mag device during checkout in the drop-down menu will only give you 1 device. 
It's safe to just choose android or firestick then just email us with your mac address.  

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